Going to Every Country

Outside of business Michael’s main passion is to visit every UN member country. As of 1/23/2020 Michael has visited a total of 20/193 countries. Michael has always had an “all in or all out” mentality, which is one of the primary reasons for wanting to visit every country, not just a few (like any rational human would decide). Michael is particularly interested in visiting less visited countries, and countries with negative stigmas.

Step by Step

Travel Tips

Just to include a couple of the numerous travel tips I have learned:

• Book multicity flights through Kiwi to save money 

• Make sure to utilize credit card points as much as possible 

• Utilize websites like Work Away and Couch Surfing in order to get free accommodation

• Don’t try to squeeze a trip into one week. The longer you’re in a country the lower your daily cost average will go and the more you will really get to experience a country


Countries Visited

20/193 UN Member Countries
27/327 Travelers Century Club Member Countries

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