Michael Gardiner
Michael Gardiner
3399: How to Carve Your Own Path and Live Your Best Life with Laura Gassner Otting

Laura speaks with change agents, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and donors to get them past the doubt and indecision that consign their great ideas to limbo.

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3 Key Points:

  1. Ignore everyone else in your life who is defining success; figure out YOUR definition and your calling.
  2. If you don’t have goals that excite you, then you are not setting your goals high enough.
  3. Figure out what you want and how you define success, and then lean into it.


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Audio Masterclass Show Notes

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  • Today’s Audio MASTERCLASS: How to Carve Your Own Path and Live Your Best Life with Laura Gassner Otting
  • [01:30] – Laura shares something interesting about herself that most people don’t know
    • Went to computer camp when she was thirteen years old, where she learned how to program Atari computers.
  • [02:26] – A lot of people think happiness comes from success, but where does happiness come from if not from success?
    • We think that if we check all the boxes along the path, then we will be successful and be happy.
    • In her twenty years of interviewing people, she was struck by the dichotomy that success didn’t always equal happiness.
    • A lot of times you are just checking all the boxes along someone else’s path to someone else’s success.
  • [03:56] – What can we do to fix this?
    • Ignore everyone else in your life who is defining success.
    • Figure out YOUR calling. The thing you care about more than anything else in this world.
    • “Your calling” is a gravitational pull for something that is larger than yourself.
    • Your purpose is what matters to you.
  • [06:10] – How does one know they’ve found their purpose?
    • Laura firmly believes that if you don’t have goals that excite you, then you are not setting your goals high enough.
    • The idea behind her book Limitless is that if we are constrained by somebody else’s definition of success, then we are never going to be insatiably hungry
    • For her it’s a question of, “Am I going to move people today to make a change in their life?”
  • [09:49] – Why are purpose and meaning such hot topics right now?
    • By 2025 millennials are going to make up 75% of the US Workforce, which is a huge number.
    • Millennials care deeply about purpose, connection, meaning, and matter.
    • A recent study by Stanford University says that a third of Americans over the age of 50 are looking for more meaning in their last career.
    • Gen X is caught between raising children and aging parents
    • The best entrepreneurs are not the ones sitting in their dorm room, but those who are mid-career because they know what matters most to them.
  • [12:35] – What are some people saying about millennials that you are observing?
    • A lot of people saying that millennials don’t really care, but the truth is millennials are the ones driving the conversation about purpose.
  • [14:55] – Can we just lean in more and hustle harder in order to find happiness?
    • She started her last business when she had a six week old baby.
    • That business turned out to be successful.
    • This unflinching definition tells us that we have to do what other people think is the way to do it.
    • Despite being the CEO of her company and phenomenally successful, she still wasn’t happy.
    • She realized that her problem was not how she achieved her success, but how she defined her success.
    • Laura encourages us to figure out what we want and how we define success, and then lean in to that instead.
  • 17:50 – A timeout to thank our sponsor, ZipRecruiter!
  • [17:54] – You have said the word Limitless multiple times today; will becoming Limitless bring work-life balance?
    • Work-life balance is one of those insidious crimes against humanity.
    • She would rather see people create work-life alignment.
    • The first piece is finding your calling – something you care about more than anything else.
    • Second is connection – it’s all about the work
    • Third is contribution – it’s about you.
    • Lastly control: “does the work I’m doing allow me to have specific control over the amount of connection and contribution I put towards my calling?”
  • [20:35] – What if you aren’t ready or able to make a change right now?
    • Take the Limitless Life Assessment – there are 60 questions, and it will walk you through each of the four C’s: calling, connection, contribution, and control.
  • [24:12] – What’s a process we can follow to become limitless?
    • Most entrepreneurs have control, because they have a lot of specific decisions in their life.
    • As an entrepreneur it’s easier to become limitless because you already have the mindset that you have control.
    • Go back and continue to say: “Is this still my calling?” “Do I have the right amount of connection?” “Is this contributing to my life?” “Do I still retain the control that I wanted when I first got in to this?”
  • [28:52] – Parting piece of guidance
    • Ask yourself these questions: “Are you happy?”, and “What’s making you happy?”
    • What is the goal you have? What would make your success be meaningful? What would make your work matter?
    • Laura Gassner Otting – Laura’s website
    • Limitless Life Assessment – Take Laura’s quiz that will walk you through each of the four C’s: calling, connection, contribution, and control!

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