After building, buying, and selling many companies over my 5 years as a serial entrepreneur, one overarching truth has stood out to me:

My greatest successes with my social media marketing agency have not come from working 12 hour days, making huge sacrifices, or burning the bridges with family and friends. Having been in the hustle and grind mentality before, I can tell you that it will only serve to leave you feeling burnt out, depressed, and unfulfilled. But, unfortunately, this is the trap that many digital marketers, dropshippers, and other online entrepreneurs fall into.

In fact, during some of my most productive days, my work only lasted a few hours, yet in those few hours I accomplished much more than I ever could by working all day and staying up all night. And after my work was over, I had time to take a step back, relax, and focus on other positive habits and activities.

Don’t wait until you’re making $10k/month to be happy. Learn to enjoy your life now and find happiness in the journey, not the destination — because if you’re unhappy now, you sure as hell won’t be happy simply by making more money.

It’s okay to focus on your happiness. Take a look at my newest YouTube video to learn more.