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Michael Gardiner is a 21 year old serial entrepreneur, speaker, investor, philanthropist, Eagle Scout and self proclaimed “adrenaline junkie”. Michael specializes in digital marketing, having six years of experience and having a combined following of over 1,000,000 followers. Michael is currently CEO of Done For You Meetings (www.dfymeetings.com) and runs and operates a handful of other businesses.


Michael’s Passions

Among Michael’s main passions include business, travel, global development and when it comes to having fun anything that comes with an adrenaline rush.


My Story

Michael was born into a middle-class family in Stuart Florida with no one in his immediate family having any background or experience in business. Michael found a passion for business in his mid-teens and through having a large handful of businesses (most failing) was able to learn a strong fundamental business understanding with a specialty in marketing. Upon having the resources to travel, Michael learned about his passion for seeing the world and after taking his first solo trip at 18 to India, decided to aim to visit every UN member country.


2015: Michael starts first business building themed Instagram accounts


2016: Michael starts monetizing his Instagram accounts and begins starting some other ventures on the side


2016: Michael starts a marketing agency to help others with social media called “MG Social Marketing”


2017: Michael sells most of his Instagram accounts and uses that funding to start a handful of other ventures


2018: Michael graduates’ high school and college


2019: MG Social Marketing is re-branded to “Nomads with Solutions” and hits it’s first 6 figure year


2019: Michael Gardiner becomes the youngest franchisor in the world after partnering with Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchising Group by founding “ROI” (Resource Operations International)

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